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CategoryThree Quick Things That I Like! December 22nd, 2008 by Tom Scharpling

In the face of all the nastiness out there – a group of fifty men dressed as Santa robbing a Cheeseburger In Paradise in broad daylight?! (couldn’t find link to story, sorry!) – here are THREE QUICK THINGS THAT I LIKE A LOT:

(in no order)
1. SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH – Chris Lilley is nearly Coogan-esque with his profile of three very different but equally monstrous people at an Australian high school. It’s on HBO, but this is a considerably better show website.

2. SAXONDALE SEASON TWO – Speaking of Coogan. I know the second series of I’M ALAN PARTRIDGE disappointed some people – I love it to death, but the problem is that it is in competition with the first series, which was THE GREATEST SIX EPISODES OF ANY TELEVISION SHOW EVER. The second series of SAXONDALE manages to match and even surpass the first one. It’s so great. I’m glad I refused to watch it on my computer. I am a human being, after all. (And why was this pulled from release? I’m not complaining; I got mine. Is it worth a million dollars now?)

3. PUSSY GALORE – SUGARSHIT SHARP EP – Minute to minute, this might be the greatest rock record of all time. Seriously.