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CategoryOkay, THIS One Is Really Sick! Not For The Easily Disturbed! November 17th, 2007 by Tom Scharpling

Hey everyone! Apparently I gave my last thread a misleading title – A Little Sick But Check This Out. It made it sound like I was posting something that was a little sick, but I dared you to take a peek nonetheless. But all I had were some pictures of celebrity lookalikes who I felt didn’t make the grade. It was an honest mistake but we got 700,000 more hits with that entry than any other one, so I might have to keep putting up deceptively shocking or titilating titles. Like the one that I put on this thread. Sorry in advance. But S&W are about to get PAID off these banner ads – we’re hoping to have some of those awesome games that the world fell in love with at MySpace – ‘Whip The Pope With A Belt And Win An iPhone!’. (I’ve won fifteen iPhones so far! Who wants one?)

Let’s check out another celebrity lookalike. This one is supposed to be overrated carpetbagging coaching crank Bill Parcells:


Again, like the Mark McGwire picture, the wardrobe is carrying most of the water on this one. But this guy looks downright frail – could you picture him bulying a phalanx of reporters after a troubling loss? I’m having a hard time picturing this guy ATTENDING a football game as a fan. And while I do give him points for striking a pose that in his mind reads “I’m laying down our defensive scheme for the second half”, it comes off as “grandpa had too much to drink at the wedding and is now trying to dance like the young people”. For shame, sir. You have actually achieved something I thought was impossible – you’ve made Bill Parcells look healthy, if only by comparison to your sorry state. It will be a cold day in Hell before I have you appear at my corporate function.