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CategoryHappy Hoagie Days! December 24th, 2007 by Roy (Philly Boy) Ziegler

Hey everybody,

 How yez doin’? Just wanted to wish you and nem others yez might be with a Mary Chrismiss and Happy New Years.  2007 and was pretty strange for me, I gotta say.  In retrespect it wasn’t a good idea for me to go Amish. Too many rules and I don’t like not havin’ no electricoty. I mean, a man’s gotta have his ghetto blaster, right?

So, I’m back in Roxboro (Rox City!) and enjoyin’ life with Rhoda, Rhoda Jr. and little Royda.  You may have noticed I left one Roydon Ziegler the second offa that list.  I’m so mad at him right now. What kind of son takes his dad’s last Kandy Kake? Sure I did it to my dad, but these kids today are supposed to be cool! If he don’t watch it I’m gonna bed slap him (this is an old Ziegler family tradition –the parent tucks the child in bed, sings a nice song and then exacts revenge for whatever bullcrap the child did earlier that day by slapping him or her in the face exactly one minute after they fall asleep).

Anywayz –hope yez all have a *Philly-style Chrismiss!

Philly Boy Roy

*the best kind!